Our projects

In addition to routine vehicle preparation, we also take on special projects that we are proud of

6WD Truck

We bought a 6WD truck for AFU. Together with our donors we raised a crazy amount of 2'800'000 UAH (~70k EUR)!
Fundraising lasted exactly one month, and during this time Taras found a truck that suited us: sufficiently powerful and in good condition, with a nice bonus of a crane, geographically - in Poland. When examining the documents, the bank employee noted that the price for the used truck unit looks too high and it will need to be further substantiated. While we were collecting examples of similar trucks, we came across a unique offer in Lithuania, which appeared the day before, and the price was 10k EUR less 🤯
Of course, we switched to a Lithuanian truck. However, this also meant that we had to collect all the documents all over again and go through all the rounds of bureaucratic hell with revisions from the very beginning. In addition to this, it was precisely the period of massive rocket attacks on energy facilities, and the power outages slowed down the work of the bank even more. We were approaching the end of the year, which meant the closing of reporting periods. The seller began to push, saying that he needed to sell the truck as soon as possible, and we agreed that he would wait until Monday to get a final answer from the bank. At 00:30 am on Monday he sent an email, saying that there is another buyer who has already made a deposit, and the company's management has decided to sell the truck to them. Negotiations in the middle of the night did not lead to anything, but in 12 hours we received the long-awaited call from the bank that our payment was finally approved and we were good to go 🫠
We found the third truck again in Poland. They examined him very quickly and decided that it was THE ONE. There will be no next one. We were ready, with money, with documents, and very, very angry after all the previous failures. We had to reassemble all the documents again (but already having an understanding of which package the bank does accept) aaaaand... they were declined. In those documents, which we already submitted the previous time, we again found disputed areas. After a week of gruelling negotiations with the bank, we finally agreed on the terms. There was only one "but": it was the last day the invoice was valid and a SWIFT payment had to be made by the end of the day. This is where the real race against time began: crediting a transfer from another bank before noon, creating an order to buy currency two minutes before the deadline, creating a payment one minute before the end of the banking day... and you know what? It was rejected 😂 There was a microscopic stupid mistake in the invoice that was already seen at this last stage. We corrected it literally at the last second and at 6:01 pm we received a statement about the payment made.
Four months of fundraising, searching for good deals, negotiations with sellers and the bank, tons of documents and we finally, FINALLY! purchased a wonderful 6x6 truck with a crane! The next stage was its transportation to the territory of Ukraine.
We were informed by the customs agency that our seller has an invalid tax number and the invoice was incorrectly drawn up. We spent another week to settle all issues with the seller (who, fortunately, agreed to renew the tax number) and on the second attempt we did cross the border.
We entered Ukraine, as we joke, with "welcoming fireworks" - during nighttime massive missile attack. There was something symbolic in this, you know: no matter what bureaucratic difficulties we face, no matter what challenges we face, no matter how tough it seems, we will continue to do our work.
After going through the maintenance, the truck has finally been handed over to the military. You can see the final result under the report page.


"On the shield" ("На щиті)"

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, when talking about vehicles, everyone first thought of jeeps and pickup trucks, no one thought of refs. A refrigerator (or abbreviated - ref) is essentially a refrigerator on wheels, which is needed for the careful transportation of the bodies of the fallen, and at the beginning of the summer of 2022 it became clear that such vehicles are also necessary. The well-known volunteer Tata Kepler, who at that time was directly engaged in evacuations, asked on social networks whether someone could sell or donate such a car. Taras (the future founder of the fund) responded to this request. At that time he was already involved in bringing cars for AFU and understood that finding a good ref in Ukraine is an impossible mission. Taras offered his help, collected funds and, together with the team, bought, brought in and serviced the refrigerator.
What happened next, Tata herself tells in her post on Instagram:
"@leonid_ostaltsev and mom stood long on steps for a long time looking at the car. and then they said - our boys are not statistics or numbers, they return with a shield or on a shield, this system must be changed.
and we did it.
my mom @one_other built the font, made the stencil and now, this is what it looks like. "


Subsequently, thanks to Leonid and Tata, the units of civil-military cooperation, which participate in the transportation of the bodies of fallen defenders of Ukraine, reformed the humanitarian project "EVACUATION 200" in "ON THE SHIELD" ("НА ЩИТІ").


Landa was the favorite car of one family from the Netherlands. At some point, they decided that having two cars was impractical, but so much love had been put into this car that simply selling it was not an option either. Robert wanted to do something more than that.

Robert's grandfather lived during World War II, when the Netherlands were occupied by Nazi Germany. He was 14 years old at the time, but he had already joined the resistance movement: he stole ammunition from soldiers, drained fuel, and was even involved in several operations to eliminate SS officers. For this, he was awarded with the Resistance Memorial Cross, which bears the inscription "de tyranny verdryven" ("to expel tyranny"). When Russia launched a full-scale invasion in 2022, Robert realized that this was a tyrannical war of his generation, and as a sign of struggle, he decided to donate his Land Rover (Landa) to the AFU.

Through mutual acquaintances, Robert found MV.Foundation. While giving the car away, he thought about how it would be possible to follow up on the car, and created a page for Landa on Instagram - discovery4ukraine - where he began to post updates about Landa, which he received from the foundation's team.

Today, Landa is involved in evacuating the wounded, and Robert and his family continue to support our foundation financially and in the search for new cars for the Armed Forces ❤️

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