About MV.Foundation

We are a fund of high-quality car assistance that works for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

What we do?We help to purchase, execute maintenance, paint, install armour and prepare cars for the front. We are against half-done cars or those, that had only oils and tires changed. Such vehicles break during the first trip to the position or are constantly under repair. We understand that the success of the mission and lives of the soldiers depend on the vehicle. The fund does not take on requests in the style of "buy cheaper, and it will work out" or "we don't care what you send us, as long as it drives from point A to point B." We bear full responsibility for the work done, that is why our machines are made with high quality and do not let their teams down.
What have we already managed to do?In a year of full scale invasion, we brought in, serviced and send over 300 cars. Of them:● 16 were purchased and prepared for donations in the amount of about 250'000 USD● 4 refrigerators for those returning "on the shield"● more than 20 buses for evacuation● 1 6WD truck

Our Vehicles

Our Projects


6WD Truck

The most epic and expensive request we received was a request for a 6x6 truck. About how we bought it and brought it, one can shoot a full-fledged series :)



The first car that was given to us was very special and loved by its family. The owners even gave her a name - Landa. She also became special for us, and now Landa even has her own page in social networks.


"On the shield"

We always get nervous, when we're working on a refrigerator vehicle. It's one thing to help the living, another - to help fallen heroes. However, one of the refs we helped to prepare, as Tata Kepler put it, "changed history."


Volunteering vlog

Want to see what volunteering weekdays look like? Taras has taken several videos for you so that you can set on the road with us and take a look at how the purchase and delivery of the vehicles happens.

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How to get help?

In order for us to help, we need to better understand what exactly you need. Please fill out the form at the link below and we will contact you to agree on the details and next steps.

Support the foundation

We spend your donations on buying and transporting vehicles, buying fuel and spare parts, repairing cars, maintaining our tow truck (which transports these vehicles). In other words, we spend them on everything necessary to provide the front with well-prepared vehicles!

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