Road Service Ford from England

In a past life, this Ford worked in road service in England. But then we happened to it and everything changed :D
Money for purchase and delivery to Ukraine were raised by @mv.vito and his subscribers as a part of the "Trip to Peru" auction, and our permanent vehicle-hunter in England @taras.stupynets founda and bought the iron horse. In particular, it was chosen because a powerful winch had already been installed for the work in the road service, and the 3.0 engine is a rarity for Fords, but it's also extra-reliable. Next, our friend and volunteer from the USA Terry (who is 77 years old ,by the way!) drove the car from England to Przemysl (Poland), where with @o.smila's support it crossed the border and was brought to @marik_patrol_y61's golden hands. After repairs and maintenance, which the new owners have covered from their own fundraiser, the vehicle went for painting to @ivanstorozhka, @vova.blyzniuk and @volodymyr_kinash, and then @anastasiapopil took care of buying and installing new tires. At the end of last month @anastasiapopil drove the vehicle to the other end of the country for it's new job in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
It may seem to you that you are looking at just another car. But in reality, you are looking at the result of a great work of a team of people who continue to the victory every day.

The vehicle: 4’400 GBPDelivery to Ukraine: 345 GBP + 1’030 EUR + 8’556 UAHService, spare parts and tuning: 90’362 UAHDelivery to the military: 8’052 UAHTOTAL*: 9'000 EUR

*the number is rounded due to multiple currencies being involved

Some more photos from the preparation and transportation:

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