Aerial Reconnaissance Bus

📸 Dmytro Trembanchuk

Today we completed work on this beautiful 4x4 bus for one of the special communications units of the Air Intelligence. It is for people and equipment, which will provide stable encrypted communication within a radius of 50 km :) And to make this possible, following was done:

● installed BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires● added LED interior lighting● installed a LED-beam for external lighting on the front● installed additional LED lighting for the reverse gear● designed and installed a custom roof rack● added a Pro Solar 110Ah gel battery paired with a Volt Sinus 5000W inverter (gives 220 volts to sockets!)● installed additional seats and a work table for the UAV crew● installed a custom box for storing spare parts● walls were insulated and sewn with automotive fabric● repaired the entire chassis● installed reinforced springs● cleaned the soot filter, the fuel system and injectors● adjusted the nozzles and the turbine on the stand● went through the generator, brushes● installed a new "main" battery● replaced the antifreeze pump and the antifreeze itself● changed engine oil and filters● changed the oil of the gearbox, distributor and reducers● replaced ABS sensors
Added @craf_ua camouflage and voila, magic happened! How do you like it?

The vehicle: 3’980 EURDelivery to Ukraine: 820 EUR + 24’058 UAHService, spare parts and tuning: 1’989 EUR + 156’308 UAHDelivery to the military: 8’898 UAHTOTAL*: 11'500 EUR

*the number is rounded due to multiple currencies being involved

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